As the sun sets, does the earth’s soil mourn the loss of its heat? As the moon wanes, does the ocean’s tide grieve the absence of its pull? Of course not, child. They would not waste tears on something so […]

New Crew

This crew looks decidedly different than the last one I worked with, and although I’ve done this gig fifty plus times before, every rotation feels fresh and new. Stimuli floats around and caresses each of us in a translucent waveform […]

Writing Tips #1

Write Every Day! Okay, so this is not my tip alone. Tons of famous, well-respected authors have given this sage advice, but the nice thing is it is totally true, and totally works. If you are stuck on a scene, […]

It wasn’t the words you said

Your words were fine. Thoughtful Caring Sweet Sexy Strong Hungry Wanting Demanding Yes, your words were fine. What was it, if not eloquently spoken prose? What was it, if not love notes leaving me wet with desire? What was it, […]

Post-Conference Bliss

#PPWC2014 is in the history books.  My first writer’s conference ever…and I am so glad it was. So what is there to say besides Wow!  Conference was amazing. First, the conference staff/volunteers were over-the-top on it. Nothing was ever a […]

Business cards and Conference

In four weeks I’ll be attending my first EVER writing conference.  Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2014 (#PPWC2014) is coming soon to a hotel…with a bar!!! What more can one ask for? Due to my surprising, and exciting 3rd place tie (with […]

Critique Groups & Introverts

Oh! It’s been a while since I have posted, and although I don’t have much to say, it seems important to at least get one post in each month. Today I’d like to touch on the importance of Critique Groups and […]

NaNoWriMo – November end update (50,332)

National Novel Writing Month is over and I am happy to declare success in my first endeavor. On Thanksgiving evening I submitted 50,332 words and got my “Winner” banner from the crew.  It was a nice accomplishment, especially for my […]


They say find your passion. They say follow your dreams. They say if you are passionate about what you do, you will never work a day in your life. What they don’t say is how to figure out what YOUR passion […]

Mob Wife

His detachment caused an unease that brought me to nausea. Somehow I knew my time was up, accentuated by the way he kept pawning me off on family, friends, even our sons. There was a hit with my name on it. […]