Welcome to my introduction page.

Let’s get this out of the way, so there is no misunderstanding. I’m an Aries and a redhead and I wear both with pride. Add in almost 6-foot tall Amazon with a splash of sarcasm and a thinly veiled intolerance for lack of common sense, and you pretty much have me summed up. I make no apologies, tend to intimidate or turn people off at first, but those that stick it out end up loving me. You will too…if you can get past the prickly thorns and calculated gaze. 

This sounds like a dating ad.
*double sigh*
Anywho – Back to the writing thing.

Unlike many writers – I can’t say I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil. Can’t say I’ve dreamed about publishing a book since my first double-spaced, big-block paragraph dissertation about the color green in kindergarten either.

I can say that until the most recent revision of what makes me me, I avoided writing with an almost zealous intention. Technical white papers, process and procedures – line by line, point blank, no bullshit.  There should be no sweet, flowery, purple prose in connecting plug A into receptacle B. *Unless of course, if ‘insert plug A into receptacle B’ is an euphemism, then I’m totally on board with the prose*

Oh I just got an idea for some IT Tech Romance…only the chick totally has to be the tech wiz…right? Did I mention A.D.D tendencies above? I should have…

I read paranormal romance/urban fantasy long before I knew there was a genre for it.  Occasionally, I sink into a good Contemporary or Suspense, but it’s the realm of the extraordinary…the men and women who do the things I only dream about that gets me cranked:

* flying (I could get used to the windblown hair look)

* teleporting (Bye-bye airport security lines!)

* kicking major ass (I’m too sweet to fight)

* regeneration (I would like new knees)

* telekinesis (Who doesn’t want to throw a stapler across the room and knock your annoying coworker out? Anonymously, of course.)

* reading minds (I probably don’t want to know)

* influencing people (to my awesomeness…what else?)

Who doesn’t want to be the one to corrupt an angel or charm a demon? To be the unexpected focus of some being who could have anything, anyone, anytime, anyplace – but instead only has eyes for you? Or better yet, find that focus for yourself, when no other being would simply do!

And what about that awesome antagonist? The one you’re not so sure if it’s a case of ‘love to hate’ or ‘hate to love’. 

Out of nowhere, I sat down and wrote down one of my many ‘fanta-scenes’. I don’t know why it started, or where it’s coming from, but I’ve been pleased with how it’s coming, and can’t wait to see where my new loves end up. They surprise me on a regular basis.

I would love to hear from you…please leave a comment below.

+Hugs, Kisses, Pinches, or Smacks – whatever does it for you – I don’t judge+

+Kameron Claire+

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