Circle of Seven

Circle of Seven is my Paranormal Romance/Urban-Fantasy Series – currently in work.

In 1006, seven boys from three families were chosen by the faery Summer queen to fulfill the duties of their Druid ancestors and maintain the magickal bonds between the mortal and faery realms, Earth and Alltair, for eternity.

Granting them one mortal life to mature into the men they were meant to be, the first sons forgot their curse, believing it was no more than a delusion dreamt up by capricious youth, until the night it befell them on the eldest thirty birthday. That was in 1024, the night they became the Guardians of Alltair, and to this day they come together on Midsummer’s Eve to perform the ritual rites required to strengthen and secure the magick between the realms.

Meet the men and women of the series.

Want to check out my visual inspirations? Granted, I visualized these men and women before I found their real life counterparts, but it sure is fun combing through beautiful, half dress men to build this Pinterest portfolio.

Did you see any of the characters differently? If so, send me a pin.

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