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“Ah, there she is, gentlemen.” Sean walked into the band’s booth and slapped his mates on the back.
“Who would that be?” Delvin looked at the only woman browsing the merchandise.
“The lass that broke me heart last night.”
The blonde quirked her brow and smiled. “And how did I accomplish that?”
“Ye left the pub before I could buy ye a drink.”
“Hmmm.” She shrugged, her smiled only getting wider. “Well, what can I say? You were late.”
“But lass, I had things to tend to here.” He motioned wildly to their surroundings. “Surely, I wasn’t so late.”
Biting her lip, she moved her sunglasses to the top of her head. A pair of baby blues stared back at him, sparkling in amusement. “But if you had come ten minutes earlier, it might’ve been a very different night.”
“Gah.” He gripped his chest. “Be still me heart. What if I said you left ten minutes too early?”
“I’d say that might be. Had I known, perhaps I’d have waited another ten, but to be fair to both of us, I’ll split the difference and say I left five minutes early, while you were five late.”
“Bloody hell, I’ll take the blame for all ten if you’d agree to meet me for a drink tonight.”
Thumbing the DVDs on the table, she glanced up under her long, dark lashes. “What time?”
Sean grinned. “Ten o’clock. Same place. Give or take ten minutes.”

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